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“This Is Me Trying”- Taylor Swift

Yellow tears come down from my brown eyes pacing back and forth thinking out loud, “What the fuck I am going to do?” Seriously, people all around me are dying, panicking losing their jobs, their free rights as citizens, I... Continue Reading →

Hold Onto the Sparkling Light

As I unravel with my shaky hands with my blue walls surrounding me, I see a gold light in the mist of my pink heart, I see a piece of the puzzle trying to crack. I see a gold light... Continue Reading →

Being Afraid to Turn the Page

As the days turned into months, I began to realize this new reality of not having migraines is something I have to get used to. This new reality of not feeling pain 24/7 to not taking medicine every second is... Continue Reading →

Open That Door

"Open that door, you may never know what you will find." I keep standing tip toeing around the fact that someday this perfect little world, that this world where I received a masters, where I bounced from job to job,... Continue Reading →

The glass can be repaired

Just as easy the glass was shattered in my cracked red heart, I found a new way to repair it, I found a new way to make me smile again, to make me laugh and to be who I am... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Finding Love

Finding love can be messy, exciting, but knowing what I want out of my kind of love is the first step towards building a relationship with yourself and eventually the person I marry. It may start with fallen dates. It... Continue Reading →

I See Light

As I light the white shabbat candles, saying prayers to hashem, I begin to pray golden Hebrew words as my pink nefesh begins to rise, as my blue red sharp pain begins to fade away. I hear blue voices singing... Continue Reading →

I Am Ready To Let Go

Sometimes all I want to do is let go.

Wearing all white

One after another, hand holding hand as the tip of a green trees cover my blue wires, covers the red pins and needles that fog up my black brain. One after another I find myself constantly hoping gold moments will... Continue Reading →

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