Finding a huge mall in the middle of brown desert, where streets go in circles, cars rush past me speeding like their is no person smiling at me, yelling speaking in hebrew gibberish, speaking in a language that is familiar but strange.

Kept walking inside this yellow sand keep sinking my feet, keep walking down this road, not knowing whether to turn right or left, not knowing if I should ask someone or just hop on a bus.

A girl with black hair walks past me and smiles, I decide to ask her where this big huge mall, she tells me to get on the bus with her. A bus with  small, blue chairs and an angry driver always yelling at people to get on.

My mouth kept moving telling her my diary, telling her I was teaching english to crazy Israeli kids who smile, hug me, who find their gold light inside this yellow sand, who yell and ask me if they can come with me every time. This is my diary. She tells me she is working in a office for the army, she organizes the folders and she loves it. She told me she didn’t want to go into the army, this way she is doing her national service. She is still serving her country and this is her diary.

I smile, laugh while we talk about music, while we ride on long bus ride knowing I just met a friend who showed me a helping hand, who made me feel safe inside this lights flashing in my head inside people shouting at me , gold light came out hearing music notes go off.