These are the streets I walk..

Cars zoom on black streets, girls with black hair smile laugh talk with their blond curly hair, their smiles shines through blue light, shines through clocks clicking by, glistening through gold light post, shining in my pink heart.

Hearing Hebrew gibberish while my bird chirps smiling knowing these gibberish words is my pink bird, knowing that this new girl with black hair sees my darkness, sees that these streets are white ghost, seeing these streets are my new gold light, seeing that walking along this road is music beating.

Music pops in my heart, music zooms through cars rushing past me, I keep running fast to find my gold locket, to believe that these black streets will no longer be my ghost, these streets will be my blue light, these streets will find my gold light.

These black lines lead to my gold key to find my gold locket, my purple butterfly chirping inside pink heart, inside the black hair girl heart, instead blue sky with clouds knowing this gold light shines as I walk these streets every day.

I keep running believing in my purple butterfly to make this girl with black hair my new white bird, my new light inside brown walls, seeing light post shine through while we shake hands, while we smile talking knowing I have been introduced to a mom with black hair, a little girl with black hair, and a brother with black hair smiling at me speaking English, speaking Hebrew knowing I am her new helping hand, knowing this is my new gold light.

Cars zoom past me, as I walk by seeing my purple butterfly through people who live on the streets, through people who live in small huts, to people who live in brown apartment, to cats finding food in garbage, to people studying in library learning this new blurry words trying to understand, seeing these letters seeing their gold light knowing how to say, “Hi, how are you? My name is Hadar.”

Searching for my gold light while I keep walking along these streets, my pink heart hearing white birds chirping showing me their blue light inside black storms, showing me to keep walking along curvy path, along this black storm to keep believing in my purple butterfly

Follow purple butterfly, music popping black building come out showing this light inside my pink heart to keep going to keep walking seeing pink heart running to catch my black hair girl catching to talk to a child catching gold lights zooming past cars zooming past white birds flying in sky.

Flying rushing to catch the next bus, catching the next broken chain to create a blue bridge showing lights inside white bridges, inside blue, purple, pink signs, finding this sun shining believing in my gold tears pink smiling knowing my gold locket will come out, knowing my key will open my gold locket.