Her steps walk along brown stones, gold lights glistening in her eyes racing through her black mind she doesn’t know where her blue water is, never experiencing these corner stones of life corner stones of time clicks by inside churches glistening through streets, keep walking.

Running through this mass of white, brown, black people hearing voices she does not know how to say hi, finding her gold light posts lighting up through blue sky, white lines showing her to keep following her footing, to keep seeing blue lights glistening inside red fire alarms inside bombs that went off in her background.

Inside her red spirit coexisted in her mind, inside her red journal showing that communism was her life, was black clouds destroying her home, destroying her gold light escaping to find her own key, leaving her red spirit to find her new blue water.

Saying goodbye to her family, saying hi to brown stones, saying hi to the music popping in her head to hebrew being spoken in her ears, to making new friends, to finding her new white bird.

Seeing gold light rocking these black streets, rocking jams she hears in her ears, while she moves her legs to dance to hebrew drumming in her ear, gold clock glistening in her mind while she skipping seeing a girl with long brown straight hair.

Long brown hair girl smiles in stones seeing her own light glistening in this blond curly hair she is meeting a brown gem in middle of turquoise waves spinning dolphins spinning girl swimming through blue ocean finding gold fish to create gold light.

Blond hair girl searching for blue water finding her golden soul finding yellow brick roads watching brown white people walk by finding their own blue water inside a straw fortress, inside this blue light zooming in her mind.

Run through brown trees green leaves chasing birds swinging in scratchy branches seeing yellow baby birds chirping towards their mom, chirping towards their little blue babies seen in branches scattered in crazy birds zooming.

White, blue birds fly catching blond hair girl’s eyes glistening in black streets showing her gold gems in broken branches letting her know her pink heart will never fly away.

Letting her know to just go.

To just find this sparkling blue light inside clocks racing in moonlight embracing time clicks time to move to go to see her golden city seeing her friend.

Keep walking along line street racing zooming along lines zooming , make gold light pass her eyes, passing finding glistening moons, time, storms rushing past her believing in blue light, red heart says, “Go.”

Brown straight hair girl smiles at her seeing new white post signs inside her churches her blue heart finding her blue water waving in dolphins in green blue waves.

She keeps walking with brown straight hair girl to see a fortress with brown stones, finding her gold gem smile inside her brown eyes smile in pink sun shining through hands flying in space flying in waves in eyes looking into her gold light, finding her own gold key to open her blue bridge.