A teacher with black hair, tan face and body, who teaches pupils how to say hi, how are you in Chinese.

 She loves seeing children motivated, she loves seeing children smile laugh and learn these new characters. She sees this kids in a new level of trying to learn these new characters while they are trying to learn English and Hebrew, while she smiles yelling at kids to settle down, there is always balgan (chaos). 

She loves her job even though kids yell and scream. Sometimes the rain comes down but she thinks of pupils who smile yell knowing they are learning how to say hi in Chinese.

Beersheba Culture

She can feel warmth from smiles of students laughing, from people yelling in russians, hebrew, english, spanish to create this rainbow of people, creating this rainbow filled of red, green, blue, orange, yellow, white lines combining in city that spreads so much joy to city. She finds her own gold gem that keeps her walking in the city where she creates her own rainbow.