Gold tears stream down my face while my feet kept moving to sounds of hebrew speaking in my ears while I mouth words seeing girls with black hairs smiling dancing rocking while blue moonlight streams past blue, pink, purple lights shining blue eyes seeing gold lighting stream in their lockets.
Dancing, blue electric birds singing in my ears while girls with black hair and brown eyes scream the words שלום עכשיו, while people smile at me seeing their pink light wrapped up in their black smiled.
Wrapped in their voice hebrew drums my ears, people keeping singing these songs I keep moving my feet laughing with a girl who has brown hair while she smiles at me, spinning in circles feeling rush ,electrical birds fly pink sparkling lights streaming inside gold lockets shining.
Hebrew drums in my ears, running down black stairs seeing a guy streaming his guitar, seeing a guy sing while hebrew drums my ears, while hebrew echoes through our pink souls knowing we just saw hadag nahash, knowing our pink hearts were spinning, our electrical blue birds kept beating!