A girl with brown hair smiles at her while she keeps walk by along long curvy black streets, along narrow lines, along black building shining in moonlight, shining in gold clocks glistening through lights seen inside my eyes for miles, for eyes zooming by me eyes creating this gold light.

Eyes creating an orange yellow pink sunrise, blue birds chirp inside my ear while she sees a girl with brown hair smile at me, while she sees her wave at me, while she keeps walking following music notes popping off in her hand.

Running finding her gold light post in lighting blazing off, in gold zooming in streets in time crushing down snow mans, down green trees filled with lights seen inside a silver moon showing her key to inside rush of motorcycles zooming past her trying to catch up with their speed knowing that she is matching their beat to find her rush.

To find music notes keep popping in her head making her feet move knowing her eyes follow blue spirits following birds chirping seeing me in this rush of curvy black streets, in the rush of time clicking by to find her gold key.

Searching for white birds chirping in her ear to hearing girls with brown hair and boys with black hair laughing smiling with her, seeing their smiles makes my pink heart sparkle, makes her hear ecstatic screams in ears hearing their voices echo through streets inside motorcycles zooming past me to keep walking to keep breathing to find this brown hair girl who smiles at her.

Seeing a girl with brown hair in curvy black streets people yelling at her in rush of brown city not turning gold in the mist of lightning storms streaming towards her I keep running walking to find her to see her gold light to find the spirit that makes her feet move towards the music.

That makes her feet move finding hadag nahash singing in streets seeing her friend with blond hair smile at her while she keeps walking laughing talking hearing white birds chirp in her ear seeing a purple and green rainbow come out, seeing her own rainbow creating it in mist of this city where motorcycles never stop zooming.

Walking seeing gold clocks glistening inside my mind, knowing black curvy streets lead to purple and green rainbows creating her own blue light searching walking seeing girl brown hair smile at her showing her that she will find her own purple rainbow inside gold lights glistening by me.