The poem below describes how families benefits from a soup kitchen in Beersheba called Be’er Sova. Be’er Sova gives each person one meal each day and gives each family food packages. It was started because the community saw that people were taking food out of the trash can. Now, Beersheba has created a way for people to not go starving and have a meal to eat everyday.

Finding His Blue Water

She is looking on black streets for a piece of bread for her son, looking through trash cans, trying to find her blue water, trying to find blue green waves flowing through pink yellow sun, flowing inside bits of sand filling their feet, inside blue moonlight engulfing their eyes.

She keeps walking along white sidewalks past yellow sun past white clouds past people looking for their blue water,  looking for their scraps off the side of road, searching for something to make her sun grow, searching for something to make her son see his blue light.

Searching for his sun to find his blue water to find his white spirit in black light posts inside blue bridges looking for gold keys opening escape bridges, finding his clear blue water, finding his food, finding his gold light inside his hands looking for blue water looking for his scraps to feed his brother to create his new brown house.

To find his new brown bread  in the mist of brown branches, in green leaves scattered on ground, he is looking for his brown bread, looking for his blue water, to find his blue moonlight, to find his blue water inside his gold keys inside his black light post, searching for his blue water.

He keeps walking looking for a brown piece of bread for his mother, walking inside yellow sand inside trash cans walking towards a black building walking inside seeing people laughing seeing people talk while a guy hands him his brown piece of bread, while he sits hearing people laugh while a guy tells him this is where you will come to receive your meal everyday, this will be your blue water.