Catching His Hand

As his smiles keeps increases, her eyes lit up, his face while he grabs for her hand, creating a golden chain connecting her pink heart to his green heart.

His heart is racing while he looks into her eyes knowing this blue light is glistening in marvelous silver moons, in buildings that are black, in clocks that strike twelve bringing his green heart to his pink heart.

She keeps looking finding his smile while she talks about the pages in her book, telling him her long diary, while he listens with passion, he keeps believing in that gold connection.

Believing in his blue soul to make this girl laugh, smile, and to kiss her while she is sitting looking into his eyes, believing that we can build our home together.

A home where the fire burns brightly, where we sit and talk for hours, where words flow easily, where we keep wanting to create this place where birds, where time clicks by, where her purple butterfly is beating in her chest flying to meet his hand, while his yellow lion keeps racing catching her hand

Catching, running through long curvy black streets, through tunnels showing her streets of his home, streets where a girl is laughing kicking a soccer ball, where a family is making dinner, where people create their own fire burning showing gold light to a pink and green heart.

He sees a guitar starts to play singing while she hears her pink butterfly chirp while her heart is racing hoping to see his smile hoping to catch his hand, hoping to find his blue light.

Finding his gold page inside my story, hearing his yellow lion roar, while elephant dance, while people walk, finding us looking into our faces seeing our gold light in the mist of the moonlight.

She touches the fire finding the warmth in her hands while she spreads her flame to his flame creating this gold shining light, creating this pink bird chirping to tell him to catch her hand, to kiss her lips, to say yes, to tell her to build our home together.

He looks into her eyes as his lips touch hers, shooting star flies by as stars sparkles while a full moon comes out while people walk by, she looks at a kid kicking a soccer ball laughing believing her pink butterfly will create their home.

She finds him looking into her eyes while he sees gold stars stream by them while he continues to play his guitar while the fire keeps burning he holds her hand knowing her golden soul will be his as long as he builds a home with her.

As long as he creates his own burning fire with her, as long he believes in gold connection connecting her pink heart to his green heart, finding precious gem in her soul to make her smile while she is catching his hand.