Little Island

Building on top of trees, huts, palace in the center while kids build their house out of wood branches leaves searching for water searching for land, searching for the light inside this tent. This wind, this soul inside this blue light.

Kids walking for miles looking for water, kids surfing up and down the sea filled with green, blue circling while mountains surround this nest, surrounds this trees, birds chirping flying while babies laugh. While people see red, orange pink come into mountains clock keeps moving its hand to hit its spot fire never goes down fire never loses its spirit.

Walls built in street, artists panting on street, putting stones inside rings hands making silver, turquoise, red inside this hand to see the fire. To see that wind inside this air inside this plants grows flowers.

Artists painting red, blue lines creating this ocean, creating this surface, this new space where people find their sculpture, their walls, their stone to build their gem.

To find this star inside this darkness, to keep walking, keep hearing this noise, to keep walking to find a place where trees grow, where people live, find a person to put a ring on it, finding a place where babies come out, reach for their mom’s hand, smile laugh twirl their hair, finding their rainbow.

Finding light never goes out, people never stands still, people listen to music moving feet dancing to the flow of guitar,

Guitar playing inside these mountains while a bond fire is lit, little girl with curly hair singing dancing twirling her hair smiling looking up at the sky, seeing her rainbow, seeing her ray of orange pink in the sky.