My pink heart keeps walking while people yell at me, while rain falls black lighting storms people yell people tell me to not go to this place where bombs have fallen, where people speak only Hebrew, people keep running searching for their gold streaming light, searching for their key.

Searching for my key in mist of people speaking Hebrew in mist of clocks ticking by, in mist of cars zooming past me not knowing whether to turn right or left, all I know is my heart is racing, my heart is beating telling me to move my legs telling me to dance to music telling me to say hi to make friends with a girl with brown hair.

Not let a black storm hold me back from speaking to her in Hebrew knowing this is not my native tough, I need to try to make my gold light come alive, to hear purple birds chirp to believe in my gold light.

My pink heart glisten every time I try to say hi, knowing this gold light is coming knowing my heart is trying to be like this girl with brown hair, knowing her puzzle is my puzzle believing that this puzzle will become my gold city.

Find gold keys lighting in black building, running to see my friend with black hair, seeing my pink heart race walking breathing seeing motorcycles zoom past me believing in the rush of my heart to keep racing to find my gold key.