I walk through motions of putting clothes on, of washing my face going to work living in the state of a blank page a state of same lines being written over time where time stands still where lighting streaks stream pass through your mind, where time falls in a blue sky.

A purple butterfly racing in my heart to tell me to go, to tell me to fly to green trees to jump along blue lakes to find their own pink doves swimming in air, to create spirit in blank space.

To find yourself living in a place where אני לא יודעת vietnamese, to find your best friend in middle of the street, to see magic gold streets move through black streets move through golden clocks to find sparkling churches to find pink birds zooming through green trees zoom through zip line flying in blue air.

keep moving dancing in jungle, express my pink  butterfly in time, don’t live in black storms, live in a green jungle, live in golden clocks clicking by finding time to create blue chains linking golden bridges to hands changing people’s black stormy mind. 

 people’s broken pages into lines of songs, helping children , help their friends find water, help children create time , create curvy l create green lines create time to help people live a life.

Finding myself in the green jungle following my pink heart, seeing pink yellow rainbow.

Don’t fall into a black storms where lighting streaks me every second, where people scream at me from side to side, don’t fall into a black trap where I can’t move, I can’t escape to find my golden light.

Where I can’t escape to find my golden light, where there is no pink yellow orange light coming through, no rainbows in the sky, no one is saying hi, I want to get out to find my golden light, to follow my pink sunshine.

I must get out, I must follow my heart to see the golden light when the world keeps telling me to follow my black storms I must not fall into it, I must tell it no, I must create this black light, this light post that is gold, this light post that finds gold no matter how much black I see in front of me.

I must keep searching to find my own blue lights seen in black building, to keep walking to hear my purple butterfly chirp, to follow its voice to let it decide what my next yellow brick road is, what my next stepping stone is, I must follow my purple butterfly.

I must follow my purple butterfly to find a way out of the black storms, to find a way out of black storms, to find a way out of the gold light, to find my own rainbow after rain has come down.

To find my own pink and orange rainbow to create my own pink yellow sunshine to find my own pink heart, to follow my purple butterfly , as long as I believe in my silver locket, to create a golden line, in black books, to follow my pink heart and hear my purple butterfly tell me to catch this golden light.

Stop racing after black storms and find my purple and pink rainbow, keep walking and running to create my own blue light, to find my own gold light post to see it shine to let me know that this gold light is something my purple butterfly should follow. coming even as blue rain comes down, I still smile.

I still smile even as black storms deepen in my mind, I laugh, I find time to create my own golden clocks clicking by telling me to just go. 

Follow my pink heart, hear blue birds chirp as I run to grab my gold chain, keep running inside green jungles to follow my heart to live inside these golden clocks ticking by.

To live inside gold clocks ticking, 

not letting a second go by where I don’t smile, to find my own gold chain.