See blue sky with blue waves, green colors in this salt water,

White clouds floating creating shapes, creating lights for my eyes to wonder, for my eyes to see blue waves.

Blue waves rushing by, bumps floating through keep swimming keep moving my arms to ride this wave to see the post to find your sense of white light inside these waves. 

Riding, surfing feeling rush of the wind, feeling the noise of cars zooming past me of children yelling playing making sand castles, making clear light seen in building in the distance.

Finding lights glistens in moonlight, sparkling in my eyes creating this magical bird floating to hear this chirping to keep this song playing in my head.

Searching through these waves, green leaves coming down bridges searching for lights sparkling in building, building this zip line over these waves.

Zooming along this zip line, flying through hearing birds hearing bees buzzing, kids playing drums spreading their loud, strong words to help find light 

To keep children to keep their feet moving, to keep flying across this  zip line, surfing these waves catching lights running fast never stop following the blue lights following his red beating bump to keep searching for this clear light in the building.

Right in front of left, gliding along this line smiling seeing this light no longer seeing gold tears coming down trees , light comes out inside his darkness following drums heard in the rush of the cars honking. 

To keep walking, keep riding these waves to stop the gold tears coming down the wall, finding smiles in the mist of the mad dogs.