Lights flashing inside my eyes while lights sparkle in a girl with black hair waving at me laughing smiling talking with her hands , seeing the sun shining in her eyes.
Walking along street, music popping cars zooming past me while their beeps startle me seeing in eyes of the black hair girl that this is flow of city.
Flow of people who drive too fast, people screaming running going catching next bus catching their next date
Seeing this traffic of cars zooming past me while she smiles at me knowing this is not my home
Her pink heart is glowing in her eyes, knowing that by walking seeing dance laughing with her friends creates warmth she wants to share with world.
Her pink heart showing yellow brick road to golden city hidden in sparkling lights glowing on streets in people’s eyes, believing in gold lights inside her heart and yours leads it to creating a purple home in mist of cars zooming past me.
Seeing her eyes sparkle spreading her warmth to me feeling this gold light knowing someday i will write music notes on building express my own pink heart I created.