Every day he walks into a white wall, computers on every desk, while high school pupils give him a blank stare, while high school pupils ask him questions, wondering as time clicks by, will I learn something useful today?

Will this teacher show me some new formal on the computer, will this teacher help me find the love in computer, more importantly, why am I here?

He keeps trying to get these students motivated as he teaches students computer science every day, he tries to make students laugh so blank stares will disappear, so blank stares will become smiles, so students will not watch the time pass by, while students will find their love for computer, their love to make codes, their loves to learn more about decoding websites, to make learning fun.

He wants to see his students smile, he wants to see his students succeed while having fun, so blank stares will turn into smiles, while he finds himself loving to teach pupils, motivation is the key.

He is willing to devote his green heart to motivate these pupils to study computer science, to create their own gold light where blank stares turn into smiles.

Beersheba Culture

One of reasons that he loves Beersheba and the city is because it in city where so many Israeli communities connect to each other on a personal level. Beersheba is a city made up of beudoins who live in Rahat, with religious Jewish who live in Ramot, and university students. Maor Hornstein said, “What makes beersheba a unique city in Israel it has so many communities living side by side – “original” Beershebians (that’s how they called?) living in original neighborhoods of Beersheba, the young families living in the new neighborhoods of the city (like Ramot), the students living all around the univeristies, the spiritual communities in the old city- Everyone can find his/her own place here.”