His hands run through my hair, as my lips touches his, he kisses me hard and harder,till I look into his eyes.

He keeps kissing me,letting me know that as long as he is here,he will hold on to me forever.

He will never let go,he will hold my hand,and make me laugh, He holds me close.

He touches me,and makes me happy, Why did he have to leave?

Why did he have to Run Away, From me when I really did like him?

He ran out the door instead of holding me close,grabbing my hair, keep kissing me.

I kissed him goodbye,knowing that this could be the last time I see his face, I had no idea.

He ran away from me,he was scared, That this could be something real.

This is something that I could onto,but the love that last forever, Is the one that doesn’t run away when he is afraid.

It is the person,who stays me through thick and thin,through long distances,makes me smile.

It is the person, who holds me close,holds me tight,making me feel this flower is about to bloom.

This guy,is the one who decides to kiss me harder,never let go,and to dead do us part,he is the one that will just be there for me, forever and always.