Flowers upon flowers becoming colorful,Darkness surrounds me as I walk home, tears streaming down my face, from the day she broke my heart.

All alone seeing this shadow,finding no way to escape this terror, of darkness surrounding my world.

From the state of mind where thoughts were racing, round and round where different emotions depicting my life.

Keep racing, keep moving knowing these colors is ocean spreading its clear water to sand,spreading its spirit to stop my mind from being a black, seeing this red heart break is necklace still standing there

This necklace is colors of my heart, red, green, blue embracing this light, this laughter from my friend who runaway not seeing the beauty in herself.

This color sticks in my head, knowing this love is a kiss that touched her lips, wanting to remember that savory taste,of his breath against hers, not wanting to let go.

Red, orange, yellow, pink shines through when the rain stops, to bring the Halloween candy back to her mouth, craving that sweet savoring taste.

Yellow daises sprouting its petals sharing the fear of growing up.

The color of grass while she ran barefoot across the lush soil, feeling the softness of the ground.

Blue, green waves comes across sand, animals swimming around dwelling in a place where she felt safe to call it home

The color of violets a new born flower, ready to bring back life to notes left in water, in the mist of all this craziness.

Colors circled around my head, as I value the hands that I hold on tight, to hold on to the love,that held true to my heart.

Here is the link of me performing this poem: