I don’t know why but I love living in Israel. I love how people celebrate Shabbat every week. It is the one time during the week where Jews settle down and rest. It is one day where Jews find time to spend with their families, where people connect to one another on a deeper level, and where I did feel Jewish. I felt Jewish because I could feel more comfortable being who I was as a Jew. I didn’t have to hide it anymore instead I was discovering who I was as a Jew.


Every day I taught English to Israeli pupils. I taught them English because I wanted them to understand this language. It is something that makes these pupils never because they get to sixth grade and cannot understand their teacher. The truth is that these pupils do know English from TV but they need help. They need my help to fight back and believe in themselves. They love working with me because I wanted to find a way to help these pupils. I want to find a passion where I help children across the world fight for their freedom.


I know that in Israel I did help children English. This was the same when I lived in Vietnam. When I lived in Vietnam, I taught a Vietnamese child, English. I taught Mingh how to speak so that he could go back to school in America. This year he lives with his family and goes to school. He talks to his mom in Vietnamese but his dad speaks to him in English. His dad talks to him about action figures and football because he wants his child to live in America. He wants his child to find a way to fit into the new public school system and come live in America. Mingh is now 10. After this, I decided I wanted to teach English in Israel. In the end, I did.


The one thing I loved about living abroad in Israel is that I could speak Hebrew everywhere I went. I could speak Hebrew where people love to speak it, where people are fluent, where I meet amazing Israeli friends, and where I felt like an Israeli. I knew that I wanted to create a life in Israel for the past five months.


I knew that I just did that. I feel in love with Beersheba. A city where I met friends like this, where the sun never stops shining, where I would run for miles to connect to the beat of my own drum. I knew that I had fallen in love with the culture and the place that makes me connect to my Judaism identity.


In the end, I know that Israel will always be there. I love living in Israel.