Your Peace

Israeli walk around with strong legs, their heart is a strong tiger strong lion that fights for what is their territory. The strong tigers laugh as they talk to them more while at first their outside is wood.

Their outside is wood, they see bombs right in front of their eyes, they fight in wars knowing that this is never the end of the fires, the blood of their friends. Their skin creates this hard bone while their heart creates this red bird that spreads smiles across this girls’ face.

To let this girl, see the students come up to her, hear their bird insides these pages that never stop, these pages that show this the girl the rainbow bird finding this culture with every color bird.

Their skin finds a way to show their red hearts to this smiling little girl wandering around to find out the story of these birds, what made these birds so raw, so tough, so pure, so true to this country.

What made this bird vibrant, full of life and spirit to the new year, spirit to embrace the new white bird that wants no more wars, that wants these different birds to coexist without bloods, no more bombs only unless someone steps on someone shoes, she hopes that these birds will become friends.

She hopes that this birds will dig deep inside their heart to a child who wants to see השלום שלך

She wants to spread her pink bird across this ocean, this land, this sun shining across for miles while words escape their mouths while third birds fly from the outside to bring this sun from miles away.

The sun shines to this ray of light through the trees to connect the branches while the tree keeps growing. The trees keep growing while the people keep walking along this path while hearing birds chirp.

They keep going, keep moving to remember their bombs in the back of their brain, cherish this bird inside their country, while it still lasts knowing this girl is embracing this new bird too.

This girl is listening to the story of how Israel’s bird flew from branch to branch spreading his wings, spreading his peace, spreading his love to let people live in this peace, where there is always שלום שלכם