As I see people sing prayers, hold hands along side this brow gold wall, people laugh, people smile hold hands trying to repay this money they lost, this black soul still in their heart, trying to leave this dust inside the wind, trying to grasp this gold to keep people looking at this wall.

Trying to find their key to unlock gold, to unlock this gold chain to mend these ripped branches, to mend these streaks of blood to mend people’s fights black or blue, to find this spirit.

To find this spirit of gold, find this light where the black branches are gone, where this gold can spread its light to trees to sprout, to see the place where blue birds fly.

Fly from branch to branch, spreading flowers to people who need the healing of their broken straps in their heart, to people who hold on to that black snake, to people who see only storms, to people who no longer can get out of bed, who can no longer stand up straight, who want to put a bullet in their head, this gold is spread.

This gold is spread,

to the chains connecting our spirits to mend those red bloody fights, mend the souls not finding this gold, not finding their flower.

Mend this red bloody fight, say sorry move on to repair this black dot that can  no longer sit inside my heart, mend these hearts of people who need the gold magic, need the gold magic of the city to keep this beating sound from dying.