My feet stomp to sound of drums lights flashing from every side, crowds of people jumping singing these words , keep moving knowing this is way to keep motorcycles zooming in my heart, to keep this flower growing inside my soul.

Seeing friends laugh while singing knowing this beat is their jam keeps their feet off the floor, clapping their hands, laughing with my friends, finding my key inside this crowd.

Finding this key to keep dancing, to keep dancing to this sound ringing in my ears, to this singer singing with an electrifying string strumming through his body as he hands keep moving, as his string keeps playing to bring this crowd off its seat.

To find his hand reaching to touch mine, reaching to see my smile in the mist of this crowd, reaching to touch this electrifying light inside my feet still jumping, my hands still clapping, my smile shining hearing this guitar streaming in my heads keeps this clock never stop.

Keeps this smile, this laugh, to see this gem inside his words on the guitar knowing that these words create his electrifying light to keep him moving, keep him from not letting this sound fade, to not let people leave, to find that smile to keep strumming his drums, to keep moving his hands, to keep this smile shining brightly, never losing his touch to find the gem inside my heart.