As people yell at me while I cross the street, while street lights keep blinking, people keep passing by, cars keep zooming past me.

While time keeps going, smiles keeps coming upon people’s faces, time keeps moving to the speed of the motorcycle zooming past me, sun keeps shining bright in my face, I keep walking.

I keep walking, drinking this water in the hot sun where camels live, where it never rains in the dessert, while trees keep growing in the mountains, while time keeps moving.

Where the waterfalls light up, seeing gold light shine inside green street lights, cars zoom past me, while I keep running, catching the gold light.

I keep running, chasing music notes floating in blue sky, seeing smiles upon children’s faces as I run knowing nothing can stop me from finding my white dove.

My white dove keeps flying searching to find his own gold light in the mist of red lights shining through his eyes, hearing music allows his feet to keep swaying.

Searching for his blue sky, where he sees white light shine through black storms, through yellow lighting stripes, knowing that he will find this gold light.

I keep racing to follow this white dove, to follow this land, where I love the way I see gold in every stone, where I walk along precious gems following my red beating bump following my white dove, seeing my gold light shine in my heart knowing I must keep running to find this gold love inside this white paradise.