Dark clouds, lighting flashes in sky, black bird chirping, boom, boom, hearing planes fly over ahead, cars driving by while I look out the window.

Cars driving in the light of the ocean, light of the sky, the light of the day, zooming past me, zooming past my eyes, zooming past my window looking over the light.

Looking over this ray of light, this ray of sunshine, this ray of blue birds singing in my ear, singing in the speed of cars zooming, as I listen to hear their voice, hear the echo of their blue string, hear echo of their red wings to the world.

Hear the echo of red wings spreading its light to my heart, to make me smile in the mist of these dark clouds, spreading its laughter, its joy, it’s place to keep in mind, to keep in mind that this is the light I see in my storm.

I see ray of sunshine as a purple rainbow coming out while I keep walking seeing a smile upon a child’s face, makes me believe inside my purple rainbow, knowing my pink heart will follow my foot steps.

My pink heart will keep beating believing in the lion roaring inside my pink heart, running catching my purple rainbow, catching running fighting black storms.

Fighting black storms, running past yellow lighting storms, not letting these black bears push me to ground, fighting to see this purple rainbow glistening inside my eyes, knowing this ray of sunshine keeps my feet moving.

Keeps this ray of light in my pink heart, knowing I will always reach my purple rainbow.