His eyes glisten inside pink orange rays of sun inside dark clouds, inside his face he sees lights inside black tunnel, inside his black eyes, looking into my pink heart.

His eyes shine in white moonlight in dark blue sky, moving through my eyes streaming through my line buzzing into my heart, buzzing into this darkness in my soul creating a green light, while motorcycles zoom past me to catch his light, seeing his light post inside my red heart making me shine bright inside his pink yellow rays streaming inside my butterfly soul never stops flying.

Butterfly keeps flying by, keeps moving his wings to find its flower sticks to her soul, glistening in these fireworks booming in his eyes, booming by my face, following these red, yellow, blue lights.

Following his blue, red, yellow lights creating a light post finding beats inside music in my heart keep moving keep butterfly flying by, keep creating light shining inside dark blue sky.

Moving my feet to keep walking following purple fireworks, following his red beating bump to find my red beating bump, to find light to find knowing purple fireworks keeps my feet moving to cross finish line.

We walk towards my garden growing even in dark blue light, to find purple flowers blooming creating a garden with bumble bees buzzing by with white flowers, green leaves, grasshoppers moving by while we sit on a blanket looking into our eyes seeing each other rays of light.

While we know as long these fireworks stream by, stream by while he kisses my lips, while booming sounds go off, while people walk by connecting to my red beating bump, my butterfly keep flying by.

We keep looking into each other eyes, as fireworks keep streaming creating a pink heart in the blue sky, seeing this ray of pink light inside our eyes, makes us kiss, believing our light post, our fire will stream inside our pink ray of light.