Why Not?

As his smiles keeps increases mine his eyes lit up his face becoming this second home with me, the home that we create together with birds chirping, with the clock keep ticking by while we sit under the moonlight.

The moonlight keeps creating this blue bird in this sky, this bluebird finding our script inside our home, this script keeps me blushing, keeps me wanting to hear his voice more to create electrifying lighting bolt inside my heart.

Believing in bolt that keeps shocking through my lungs my feet as I run up to him to catch me to hold his hand to see the light in his eyes, to create this vibe that keeps the music going.

To find time where this place will become our home where our time zooms like a motorcycle not following the lights where people keep talking knowing that someday this passion will start a fire.

A fire that will keep its flame though this moonlight we roast marshmallows along fire keeps burning along starts his voice streaming through my ears creating this ray of a shooting star escalating past us.

Shooting star creates this passion, he touches my hand seeing this ray of light burning in my eyes seeing this smile escalating on my mouth as our lips touch as our mind keeps passing by this flame is burning.

This flame keeps burning inside my head while his guitar keeps playing while time moves inside my head while life going to see this stars upon his eyes finding this red rose inside his heart.

Red rose inside our home, as long as I am in my arms finding this touch to create this bond pulsing in my heart seeing for right now this is where this red beat shines.