Hiding in the dark lights, hiding in black storms, never wanting to see the light, move past the darkness, I keep running to chase the sun.

I keep running to see the sun shining in the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, keep finding my pink heart beating chasing my black fears, facing this green mountain, to create this new ray of sunshine.

No more standing still, run to find this passion, this life in my hands to escape black storms running towards me, move my two feet to face these black fears, to catch my sun.

To catch my sun inside my blue Jewish star glimmering inside my pink heart telling me to fly, to fly inside this capsule, fly inside to create this life where I no longer stand still inside black storms, I keep running.

I keep running to find my white peace as the sun shines brightly after a rain storm, as I keep running to finding God seeing tears coming down my face as people pray with me, knowing our prayers are always heard, believing in the white bright light after the black storms.

Finding my own golden light while I touch the gold brown stones closing my eyes, seeing my own sun, while I run following my pink heart, catching my own sun, knowing this gold light will follow me as I face my black storms to keep catching my own sun.