In one gun shot,a person is dead.

In one wrong vote, wrong word said by prejudice and heart, a voice is discouraged to speak up.

In one wrong choice,we are all defeated,to find peace again.

We all listen to cruel words spoken by candidates,communists leaders who once built a wall to divide countries,who found peace in silence, tearing people’s hearts, exterminating the innocent souls that did nothing wrong.

It was only 78 years ago innocent Jews and millions of Christians, Gypsies, other ethnicities were gas alive only realizing that this shower was the last shower they would ever take.

The stories and the camps remind us,that these people tried to stay alive,some souls perished in the midst of a night,while other stayed strong in the sun.

The pieces of hair stood in museums, victims died in peoples’ arms,The words of Elie Wiesel live on today,

Time and time again it does happen,as people in Rwanda were slaughtered with a weapon that tore out blood till there was no blood left in their body, their screams of terror were heard millions of miles away.

These incidents and genocides live in history among others,as the way the world once was,a world of hatred, a world where is not knowing what is right from wrong.

Today,is knowing that changed has happened in the USA and around the world,we had president that cared like Franklin Roosevelt to do everything in his power to defeat Hitler and the Nazis.

He knew that it was long shot,he knew that he could not let another innocent soul die in those camps,he carried on along with Russia and Berlin to fight against this evil dictator,knowing that these people needed peace.

They needed to find out,they had a right to enter the US as much as people who lived there safely every day.

Even as time has changed,this nation has created so many dreams come true,from African Americans and women getting the right to vote,to African Americans and whites being able to go to the same school,this country has tried their best to give people of every religion, sexuality, ethnicity the same equal opportunity,

Those are what the words of the constitution mean for today and tomorrow.

For what history has taught us,in those textbooks, teachers speaking passionately about wars and this country knowing that their lessons needed to shape the lives of these young adults in college.

For a country where people of every color, race, religion, gender, and sexuality will no longer be afraid to love the ones they love,where immigrants will be able to call this place their new home,where the poor and foster children can find a home,where graduated college students and young people can find a job,where there is a place that dreams come true.