The city glistens inside black building, this city speaks gibberish inside my ears, embracing my knowledge of this culture, where basket ladies were not accepted, even though they were trying to make a penny.

A black hair girl comes running towards me while she says hi, smiling while we drive for hours on her motorcycle over brown bridges to find the gold gems, laugh smiling seeing Hanoi in a gold light.

Finding our own gold gems inside street stops filled with yellow tapestries, green elephant pants, inside knowing the city is glistening inside our pink hearts driving around big blue lake creating our own golden gems.

Searching for the gold light passing by us even as time falls inside our clocks, inside our black escape bridges, inside our black lights, inside our blue bridges knowing our life keeps racing by us, knowing time capsules always fall in the right direction as we keep searching to connect to this city where drums follow our feet, knowing that this pink love rushes past our hearts.


We smile at one another exploring gold city inside this blue lake searching for gold gems while we keep laughing finding the pink love connecting to this gold city shaping our pink heart to a new gold gem if we keep running.


Running escaping into sounds of drums while our feet stomp, while we smile seeing gold gems surround as this magical city embraces our pink hearts while we keep running.