As black dusk glooms over me, lighting strikes come running towards me, I run past black clouds into jungles filled with green trees, lions roaring at me, white birds flying telling me to keep running towards purple flowers blooming, bees buzzing by, seeping out honey smiling at me, yellow pink orange sun shines in my eyes while my pink butterfly sings telling me to believe in my purple heart.

Believing in this red beating bump showing yellow pink sun glistening as I keep searching for my own gold light shinning inside yellow lightening stripes, inside black building running towards the jungle.

Lions roar while I run, climb a long mountain, yellow lighting stripes keep coming I climb on follow pink spirit seen in my purple heart hearing golden drums beating as my feet capturing pink, yellow sun.

I run towards purple flowers, blue birds chirp in my ears, believing I will rise conquering black storms, yellow lighting stripes zooming towards me.

I keep climbing while gold tears stream down my face, creating yellow sun inside black storms running along gold gems seeing my yellow pink sun rise finding an everlasting gold light streaming inside my purple heart.

Everlasting gold lights seeps through my veins telling me to climb, putting one foot to catch yellow pink sun glistening inside my eyes, while my smile comes upon my face, I rise up knowing I have past black storms, fought through blood and tears to reach the top.


Believing in my purple heart to keep climbing this mountain capturing yellow pink sun facing black storms not running into a dark hole hiding from green monsters, I rise up to capture gold gems inside my heart to hear golden drum beat in my heart while my feet tell me to go.


Capture golden light, never give up on your soul driving me to race towards top of the mountain to see stars dwindle to see the sun shine, creating gold magic.


Searching for this gold magic believing in my purple butterfly following unwritten chapters in my book to moving one foot in front of other not letting black storms tear me down, I rise up.


I rise up to find my own yellow pink sun shining in my gold eyes, climbing each gold stone to hear gold drums beat in my ears, creating the next page in chapter, while my purple butterfly keeps flying believing in her own soul driving her to find her own purple rainbow.