The night black storms came over my head, while rain kept pouring down you ripped my heart out, left me on the side street waiting for a taxi to take me towards the lighting striking before my eyes.

My spirit was crushed in and out, I couldn’t stand on my two feet knowing that you just hit me, tore me into pieces, shut me out, not letting me speak, just left me in the rain, left me on the side of road.

Left me to find sunshine in middle of snow coming down, beneath cars rushing past me you left me alone, hiding in darkness, not letting my gold soul shine inside black clouds.

Left me running starving, when all I wanted was love, to find someone who could bring my heart back into one, not being crushed anymore is what I desired instead you left me on the side of the road.

You left me for the streets, to be eaten by animals, thousands of miles away from any civilization in the rain to a city where rain just kept coming down, I kept walking to find shelter, to find pink yellow orange sun shining inside the green trees.

I kept chasing gold lights seen in blue cars racing past me, seen in children kicking a soccer ball, seen in a purple butterfly flying by, I kept walking to find the sunshine, to not let the fact that you left me nowhere broke my pink spirit, not letting my gold light shine inside black rain.

I kept believing in this gold light even as you crushed my heart, I am lion who sees the black pain trying to move past this sword that was thrusted inside my heart to find my own bluebird chirping inside my heart telling me to go, to find my gold castle.

Not letting you leave me on the side of the road, I kept chasing to follow gold lights streaming inside people playing gold guitars, hearing lyrics stream in my ears, while gold tears kept coming down my face, I kept playing my gold guitar hearing my own melody knowing you can’t break me.

You can’t tear my pink spirit into two instead I will crush you, I will conquer finding my own gold castle in mist of blue cars streaming past me, I will create my own pink yellow sun that comes after black dreary rain to pick my two feet off the cold black ground to find my own gold castle.

Colliding broken pieces inside my pink heart, believing in my gold spirit will always run to find my yellow pink sun seeping through green trees even when you have crushed me, I climb past black storms to find my own bluebird chirping telling me I will find my gold castle.