I wish I could wash away the black tears coming down my face while I said goodbye to my friends, while I told them I will see them soon, I wish these tears would stop coming down.

I waved goodbye to the land of gold to the land where trees blooms, where people pray along a golden wall, where time passes in a second, where laughter reaches children, I said goodbye.

Tears kept coming down while I stepped on that plane back to America, wishing I never must return, wishing I could just stay but I had to face the face place where I grew up, where I said my first words, where I smiled, laughed, and cried.

I wish I could find my way back to this land where gold forms upon trees, where people sing inside gold guitars while I walk by chasing kids kicking a soccer ball, where I find myself smiling at the little girl wearing her own pink smile with her silver hamsa.

I wish I could wash away this black pain, these tears that just keep coming but I can’t I have to face the facts that these tears are coming from my pink butterfly telling me to return to gold land someday, to find that precious smile that lights up the world.

Find that bluebird deep inside my heart to bring back that gold spirit shining in front of my eyes, while I keep running trying to wash away the black pain to see my pink butterfly fly.

I fly to catch my yellow sun where I created my gold land inside my silver hasma, where I capture the light that makes grass grow green, where purple flowers bloom, where my pink heart smiles at a kid kicking a soccer ball, I find some way to wash away the black pain.

I find a way to put a smile on my face while I walk inside gold pages I created in my pink heart to show the world that smile that touches their purple hearts.