Black thunder comes down while rain keep pouring, I keep climbing through yellow lighting stripes, believing in my gold spirit, hearing my lion roar showing me to keep climbing.

Keep climbing to find pink light shine inside roses seen in peoples’ eyes, to find a smile come upon my face, to find a place where my heart is no longer black, I keep walking inside yellow lighting stripes knowing nothing can rip my heart into dust.

Nothing can stop me from crossing the finish line, reaching the green light seen through a black tunnel to find my purple spirit lifting me off my feet, allowing me to cross this line, to stand up to that huge monster who can never push me down.

This monster only grows bigger if I allow it to rip my heart in little pieces, but I will never let that happen, instead I keep climbing to see my purple butterfly fly away to find gold clocks clicking by as I keep living my life.

As I keep finding ways to capture gold tucked inside my heart, creating my own green gardens with spirits laughter shining inside the people I love, shining inside blue, green, pink hearts that light up my world.

I keep finding ways to capture this gold to find my pink spirit while my lion roar, to keep climbing, this black monster can’t tear me down, I must push on to capture my own pink spirit, to embrace my green garden that is created in my heart.

Searching, running through this storm, while I keep racing to cross the finish line, believing that there is never a golden line that can be drawn that I can’t cross, I never give up lighting my pink butterfly fly.

I never give up on my gold spirit that shines inside my heart that keeps me climbing through yellow lighting stripes to find my purple rainbow, to embrace laughter surrounding my ears every step of the way, to find a precious golden clock, to keep believing in my golden lion telling me to keep climbing, telling me to never let a huge monster tear me into little pieces, to never give up, to follow my pink heart to find that love inside my pink butterfly telling me to always believe in my golden light.