He left me cold stoned handed, left me with nothing but blank pages, nothing but memories of him kissing my lips as we said our final goodbye, nothing but this charm bracelet sitting, staring me in the face.

He left me with this sparse flame that dissolved into ashes, while rain fell down outside my windows, I starred into the black dusk, knowing my red beating bump was broken,

I was left on the side of road, with a broken heart, ripped into shreds, broken into pieces that were swept away inside blue green waves, our hearts no longer touched.

He broke our bond, where we sat and talked for hours as he drove away saying goodbye, not knowing how he tore my heart into pieces, he broke my heart into two, only knowing that this was the end.

He left me on the side of road, wishing I could run towards him, but I just stood there with a black heart not wanting to move, just laid in my bed till the sun rose along blue green waves trying to mend my broken heart back together.

Searching for the gold light wrapped inside my locket knowing that my smile still sits upon my face, knowing that my heart will mend, my heart will not be broken, as long as I see my sword inside my golden locket.

I must keep trying to mend my heart knowing that as time passes there will always be a way to keep cherishing the love that creates an everlasting bond inside my pink heart.