It has been two years since I studied abroad in Hanoi, Vietnam. I can’t believe it how time goes by so fast. I would like to explain my experience living as a foreigner in Vietnam.

Before I went, I learned so much about what Vietnam went through during the Vietnam War. During the 1960s, Vietnam was split into N. and S. Vietnam. N. Vietnam wanted to become a communist because they wanted this form of government. The government and the people in the rule believed that this system would create a unified, stable, and civilized nation. The nation was barbaric during the war because all the fighting but the leaders believed that communism was the answer. During the war, S. Vietnam wanted was the best for the people. They were on the democratic side but the people didn’t know what was the best. They were tired of fighting and wanted to find out what the people wanted.

During the war, America came in 1960s. They came in during the Cold War. The principle of the Cold War was to defend democracy around the world and to stop the powerful regime known as the Soviet Union. The reasons the Americans came in was to stop the spread of communism and to stop the “domino effect,” to other countries surrounding Vietnam. In the end, America gave up and decided to let Vietnam decide what was best for the country. S. Vietnam were tired of endless war and saw no hope, end, or victory in sight. They went against their values of defending of democracy. They wanted peace in Vietnam and decided to stop fighting their war. In the end, America pulled out and let Vietnam decide what was best for the country. In the end, Vietnam became a communist country and become one sovereign state.

This is the end of my history lesson. The reason I decided to study abroad in Vietnam is because I wanted to see and explore the places that I read in history books. I wanted to know what happened during the war and what makes Vietnam the country is it today. In my opinion, Vietnam is a modern country. Their communist system has created a strong, regulated, civilized, and modern state. More importantly, Vietnam has created a modern state from starch out of the rubble of war.  They have used their powers to find tools to create this modern state where everything works. They have created their own dream, where families can support themselves, even where their economy and government is regulated. This is their dream and it remains their dream today.

The reason I am telling you this is because I truly love the country Vietnam. It is amazing how Vietnam created a modern city like Hanoi where there is shopping malls, amusement parks, and where technology has helped their economy flourished. There are huge lakes along huge bridges which I explored with one of my best friends, Chi. I met Chi in Vietnam and she is still my best friend today. Chi is from Vietnam and I met her at a café. I had the best of times with her while exploring the city of Vietnam and learning what makes Vietnam special. During those four months, I really branched out of my comfort zone and explored what makes Vietnam unique. I found the golden gems of the city.