I run from place to place not stopping to say hi to a kid kicking a soccer ball, don’t stop to catch a rose blooming inside my garden, I keep racing never looking back moving forward racing as a lightning bolt conquering a black storm.

I keep running, over thinking over analyzing every moment, hoping that these black storms will go away, letting my friends fill my pink heart with laughter while my everlasting smiles seep inside my purple garden, letting my own pink yellow sun shine inside my pink heart believing my lion will always roar as long as I keep believing in my gold light.

Keep spending time with my friends, while I laugh at a joke, knowing my smile lights up instantly holding on to my own gold gem.

I enjoy life before it flashes by, keep living to find our passion to find what makes my heartbeat faster, passion lies inside my hearts, finding joy sitting in my precious pink smile.

Racing to see a sun rising after rain pours inside black streets, keep walking to catch a purple rainbow watching as a yellow pink sun sets in a deep blue sky, I smile watching with awe how this sun shows its beauty to a kid kicking a soccer ball.

I write inside a green garden filled with purple flowers blooming yellow bees buzz in my ear, thinking moving past black monster filling my brain seeing a golden precious light seep inside a purple butterfly telling me keep racing.

Pushing past black monsters punching them to the ground while I race, letting my gold light shine as my pink smiles is seen in a yellow pink sunset.

Believing in your blue light helping you to let your heart on fire, to let burning orange flames live on, while I sit in my garden I keep writing, I push past black monsters slamming them with my fist, never giving up on following the next page, never giving on my dragger that crushes their dark spirits, hearing golden drums play while my heart beats, moving to see my blue light shine.

Searching for gold lights inside purple gardens, yellow pink shines through black rain storms, laughing with my friends inside my green gardens while my pink smile holds on to my gold light letting my purple butterfly fly to reach everlasting gold light seeping inside purple rainbows.