While standing in front of the Western Wall, I hear people singing from miles and miles away. There are thousands of people standing in lines singing at the top of their lungs. They are singing out of pride for their white blue flag of a great nation is still waving in the moonlight. Their minds hold gold keys to their hearts. They pray because they have more than a belief these gold keys will help them keep peace in this state and in their hearts; they have unshakable faith.  The faith fills the air. It crackles. They see that these gold keys are the keys that connect each person to this wall no matter their race, their gender, their heritage.  They are one nation and one people and I am part of it.

Tears start coming down my face because there is a menorah flying high, zooming from person to person. People sing songs, my eyes are getting blurry by all the people holding their hands, lights glistening in the moonlight; the people keep praying knowing that as long as they sing the oil will never stop shining. The flying menorah comes from inside these white souls while they see their white dove and believing that these gold brown stones connect to their hearts. Their white dove keeps moving its wings. It keeps flying high spreading its chirping sounds.

These people see gold keys every time their hands grasp the menorah in the sky. They embrace gold gems in the stones holding on to the gold light that keeps them running to embrace the new story in their life.  This gold light helps them keep climbing the hill no matter how many people push their physical body to the ground. Their gold lights are strengthened by the white bird chirping in the midst of millions of people singing, catching the fireworks that light up the sky and cross the blessed moonlight.