I walk through black walls, run inside gold tunnels capturing gold light shining inside my eyes, racing to find blue lights dwindle inside a silver moon.

Capturing gold light streaming inside my veins while I keep racing to catch my pink butterfly, a smile lights up upon faces of friends, a girl speaking Vietnam while I keep running.

Flying inside black walls, while I keep racing, catching my yellow pink sun following my pink heart in mist of long gold walls, people speaking Hebrew, I keep walking along a golden wall, green blue lights glimmer inside black building, a yellow pink sunset shines before my eyes.

I follow my pink heart, writing a long curvy note, seeing children laugh and smile, I capture gold chasing the gold light inside racing city, to chase blue, green, yellow lights streaming before my eyes, finding my red heart beating, catching gold magic while my smile lights up inside a yellow pink sun.

Climb this green mountain, gold seeps inside my hands while my feet keep moving, following silver moons while my feet climb, catching my yellow sun, while my feet tell me to believe in my pink butterfly flying while my smile lights up, while my friends laugh knowing this gold light will follow me as long as I keep believing that my pink butterfly can fly through green gardens, gold magic seeping through veins, while I keep believing in gold light that sets me free.