I walk inside yellow pink sun rising past dark thunderstorms, hearing blue bird’s chirps believing in silver moons shining brightly leading the way through times where sun no longer shines, rain pours for hours at end, white snowflakes fall one by one.

I run past dark thunderstorms, climbing a large green hill, moving one step at a time, believing in gold light shining inside my red heart beating, I must stay resilient finding silver moons shine blue stars’ glisten showing me the way to a pink butterfly flying inside green gardens.

Showing me the way, catching the blue light streaming inside dark storms, embracing everlasting smiles  I believe that my own silver light will conquer all green monsters standing in my way, I keep showing my resilient lion, pushing black demons to the floor.

I stand strong tall, pushing demons inside blue green waves, while I standing strong believing in gold light shining inside silver moons, I follow my own pink butterfly believing I will climb long green hills, one step at a time.

I believe that these demons will not get the best of me, I will keep cherishing my everlasting smile while friends tell me to keep laughing to keep believing in silver moons to conquer dark storms blocking the way to gold light inside blue stars.

I run inside black storms, pushing through them, knowing I will always stand tall, believing I can conquer any black demons standing in my way to find silver moons, I climb long green hills touching gold light, capture blue bird singing inside brown trees, purple flowers bloom, while I stay strong.

I stay strong showing these black demons to the door, believing that I am a gladiator, I am the one who will always find silver moons, believing in my gold light showing I can conquer all red stripes bleeding, I can conquer black demons, fighting with resilience, I stay strong.

I stay strong capturing gold light dwindling inside silver moons leading me way past black demons, finding my own pink butterfly telling me to always have courage to find your own light.