Touching brown gold stones, while tears stream down my face I sing prayers, listening to people mouth the words of their loves one who passed away, to pray for that white bird to keep chirping in blue sky

Hands touch a long golden wall while I cry touching precious stones believing gold magic will pull darkness out of me, praying to see yellow sun rising, facing east while my heart hears a bumble bee buzzing through sky.

Buzz, Buzz, spreading my sound to keep people from turning off their gold light, helping me find a gold key to my door to let me wander along this path, wander along these hills, to see these stones still living in my heart.

Finding precious yellow stones shining for miles, climbing along long green hill is not a barrier in my road, twisting and turning, I keep walking fighting black darkness, climbing steep hill to reach my yellow sunshine.

I keep running while catching up to a horse keep, flying through space, riding inside green blue waves, catching my own gold as the yellow sun fades into blue stars, silver moons shine while I keep running believing in gold along these golden bricks.

Following silver moons, while tears come down, a smile comes upon a face realizing this gold light is my freedom, a freedom from no longer being a slave, to finding a land where I can pray in the streets of Jerusalem, touch a gold brown stone, holding on to my precious gold light.