For all the times I been pushed down, I get up not letting them walk all over me I fight back, showing them my roaring lion running inside green jungle crushing yellow roaring tigers, I keep staying strong not letting them get the best of me.

Believing in gold resilient light beating in my purple heart, finding my lion run racing to catch finish line punching enemies deep into scattered tree branches where blue birds never chirp.

Fighting, hearing my own purple butterfly telling me to let my lion roar to carry on to move past these black storm as I walk all over black monsters, never letting them rip a part my red thick heart, fighting catching yellow pink sunsets, my purple heart following my gold courage to carry on.

Carry on, wiping out any red letters or red words believing in my gold light, my pink butterfly keeps flying as I push on to find my yellow pink sunset again leading me to know that I can never let them get the best of me.