Keep racing, escaping black bridges, running through black storms past yellow lighting stripes past mountains filled with dusts past wolves only believing in my red beating heart, finding my true gold locket.

Touching my gold hamza believing in the gold light spread across Western Wall, I will always run past this storm, past this jungle that only causes harm to animals, only causes terror.

I fight, run through these black storms, my heart is growing drum that just keep running racing to find true love, to find my own gold locket where time clicks by telling me to love what is right there, don’t hide, just believe.

Just believe in this time capsule, showing me the way to the old city showing me the way to find my own golden light post.

I will keep racing to catch my light post, believing as time capsules marks my new beginning.

Believing in the gold light in my heart to fight for my purple butterfly to chirp to hear its music drumming in my ear knowing that golden clocks will always click in my heart.

Keep running to find my drive, driving me through black storms towards purple rainbows, letting me see orange, yellow sunset in a wall that lets my purple butterfly fly.

Keep running to catch this butterfly, I must keep fighting to let my purple butterfly fly, to hear lions roar, to follow the beat of golden drum, where I found love in a golden city.

I found love in a city that made me smile and cry even when I knew I was chasing after storms, I found this love that touched my silver hamza, believing in my red beating heart knowing these gold brown stones will always shine through the gold light flashing before eyes as I capture each page, each note knowing nothing can take away the love I have for Israel, believing in everlasting gold light.