I walked on a gray plane, black tears kept pouring down my eyes, containing red pages slitting my hands, containing black rage sitting in my pink heart, I could no longer see blue skies illuminate upon deep blue ocean, I could no longer find a gold light buried deep inside my heart.

All I could find was black range evaporating my white spine, trying to run away from the black pain ripping my heart a part, trying to run away to find a place where the sun no longer shined, my mouth went dry as I could no longer write black pages of lyrics, I could no longer express my black range, keeping it all inside not letting it escape my blue eyes staring out in the deep blue sea.

I flew away not knowing when I will return to golden land, where ancient walls are built out of ruins, where honey tasted like milk, where I spoke Hebrew to Israeli who were not afraid to try out their broken English, where I tried my hardest not to cry as the turmoil pain grew upon me.

Where my Jewish identity came out of my Hamza still sitting on my neck, where I prayed words of yellow flowers growing, pink butterflies flew, I stood at the Kotel, knowing even as black rage came upon me, I would find a way back towards gold city of light, back towards pink flowers growing inside me, back towards a gold light escaping inside my black rage.

I found a way to find gold light inside of me, to say hi to a girl with black hair inside a temple, cheers turned into ruckus, where she showed me pink light inside her heart bringing me towards a family finding gold love inside a complete stranger’s heart, I kept believing in her pink light, knowing that I will always find my way back to gold light beating inside gold drums along golden dome sitting in my heart as I flew away.

Into black darkness, gold light post no longer shined, finding there is no limit for black range run back into deep blue sea, escape my pink heart, I must find a way to no longer be filled with black tears, shine a light back to pink yellow sunrises knowing I can no longer let black terrors evaporate me by night as I keep flying away, believing that someday I will find my way back to the land of gold drums beating blue light shining in pink butterflies flying away.