I dream to fall in love,

the kind that stays true through the dark holes.


Through pity parties,

no end in my relationship.


I dream to find a guy,

holding his head up high,

creates energy,

keep my heart warm.


Finding a guy,

to congratulate me,

to support me,

while I believe in him.




walking around town,

hoping to find this guy.


I dream,

with the lights off,

our life together.


He smiles coming home from work,

kissing me on the lips,

I smile back.


I hold onto him tight,

knowing our love is strong.


No sort of thunder or lighting,

can ever breaks us apart.


This guy stays loyal,

working out our conflicts,

staying loyal to me,

and these vows,

that we made on our wedding day,

is what I lie awake and dream about.