Burning flame seeps inside my pink heart while black light invigorates my spine showing darkness onto the red beating bump telling me to keep walking while I keep lying searching for this burning flame.

Believing this burning flame will help me rise, will help me find the pink butterfly flying high in sky, help me create my own yellow pink sunshine seeping through green trees, believing in the fire that is seeping through my vein.

Letting go of these black monsters while my muscles keep tensing, while I stand up racing through this forest to find this burning flame, to light up my red beating bump to find that gold star.

Not letting this black spirit take over me, instead letting my pink butterfly lead me to find this burning flame, believing in the blue light shining through the silver moon while I run through the jungle hearing lions roar, gold guitars stream melody seeping inside my ears while the clock clicks by to find this blue light.

Not letting a black mask push me to ground, I run to find this burning flame seep through my veins while I rise up to catch my pink sunshine, I rise to find this fire create an everlasting energy seeping inside gold guitars playing telling me to not be afraid telling me to find this burning flame bringing back my red beating bump showing me the silver moonlight inside this flame lighting up in my heart.