Headlights stream past us while we walk hand in hand, contemplating our next move, contemplating whether or not to kiss this guy, contemplating how his blue eyes makes my heart jump, finding blue light inside his fire, finding stream of red hearts bursting inside my hands, seeing the way my heart skips the beat as I look into his eyes.

Finding orange, red burning flames inside his hands, finding black lines dripping from his lips, as I kiss those pink lips, I see butterflies stream down my hands, green ocean waves glide behind us, while no one is there to stop us from feeling the flame.

No one is there to stop us, take this feeling away from us, we find this love envelopes our hearts, no longer feeling black terror, no longer hiding behind the fear of this not working, no longer hiding behind our shyness of band camps, instead we find a way to fall in love with our laughter, our stories, the lines of poetry I write for him.

The blue jeans he always wears, the pink jacket I pretend to love, blue ocean waves, surround us knowing there ain’t no stopping me from finding this flame, there ain’t no stopping me from believing in blue lights, dragonflies dwindling in the moonlight, dwindling as our lips touch escaping the black terrors.

Escaping the red words spread around us as we sit the moment of red hearts beating from our hands, as we sit in the moment of enveloping this pink butterfly flying by us, knowing that our love is there to stay, knowing that our love will never end, until we stop believing in this flame.

We find there is no escaping this flame inside our gold hearts as our hands touch the red hearts keep beating to create this ever-wrenching love that I see in his blue eyes.