Walking inside black streets, I find myself questioning which direction to take, blue lights stream inside my chests as I try to escape, as I try to run away from the monsters screaming inside of me.

I try to run away from the light shining inside my veins, inside my smile hiding black tears streaming down my face, I run away from those words that hurts my soul.

I run away to find a pink soul still shining deep inside of me telling me to keep walking along this black street, towards blue lights knowing my pink soul will guide me to face my monster.

No longer hide from the pain hidden deep inside my red heart, I must let it out, I must tell the truth of what happened on the day I felt judged for my identity, on the day I felt judged for being who I am, I never should have let them tear me a part.

I must find a way to fight this red hatred seeping inside of veins, knowing that they can’t get the best of me, knowing that I must find a way to face the light.

Face the blue light seeping inside my veins to show me that my pink soul will not let bullies rip me a part, will not let guilty misguided people rip me to threads.

Face the blue light to walk along black road believing I will conquer a blue bridge coming up in front of me knowing I must love my true identity hide inside mist of blue clouds, I must show them that they can’t take this away from me.