Every child receiving a chance to receives a better education,

Not being at a disadvantage because they do not have enough money,

Their voices should not be silenced,

Every child should receive a good home, a family that loves them,


Humanize character uniqueness, his particular family, his family and alcoholic, make more one’s particular family complicate, surprise, images of brightness, imagery of scene,


Part I


Swollen legs,

Empty stomach,

Disheveled clothing,

Frowns upon this his face.


Walking to school for miles,

Starving, upset,

Because his mother’s breath smiled like vodka mixed with lemonade.


His mother wakes up with red eyes,

Hardly able to move her body,

While he grabs her a glass of water.


He wakes up every morning with the same problems,

He wishes he could escape this torture,

These screams, these sleepless nights,

The smell of weed inside his two room apartment.


This two room apartment,

Has a kitchen that smells brand new,

Where the fridge is always empty,

Where she uses knives to file her nails,

Where there is no reason the kitchen still exists.


He walks to school,

Knowing there will never be an end to this,

But he wishes someone would just listen to them,

That someone would show him love and affection.


He wants to be noticed,

By his ragged clothes, his fragile hair,

His malnourished body, bruises on his arm.


These bruises came as his mom,

After he came home,

And his mom punched him in the stomach,

And he tried to fight back,

But his mom hit his arm.


This is what he deals,

With every day,

Not knowing when he will be able to escape it.


He wants someone to hear him,

In the school,

Knowing that there is a reason he walks miles to go there.


He needs someone to answer his prayers,

That he doesn’t have to go to bed hungry,

That he no longer has to take care of his drunk mother.


Part II


He came home one day,

His mom was lying flat on the ground,

He checked for a pulse,

But he couldn’t hear it.


He called 9-1-1.


The ambulance rushed inside,

With surgeons and nurses checking her heart beat and pulse,

They took her to the hospital,

While Brad was frantic,

Did not want to see his mom die.


He hoped that his mom would not lose her heart beats,

Before the ambulance came here.


But as they drive up to my apartment,

They bring out their equipment,

Checking for her heart rate and pulse,

She was so weak.


Her stomach was filled with toxins,

The smell of alcohol was upon her breath,

And the ambulance started to pump her stomach.


Started to get rid of all the drugs that were inside her body,

So Brad would not have to see his mom die right in front of his eyes.


He knew that underneath all this alcohol,

Was a mom he once loved,

A mom he used to hug,

And laugh with,

But this mother was gone.


Her heart broke into two,

All that was left was the weed sitting inside her stomach.


Part III


He wondered,

Why he still lived with his mom day after day,

Why he was locked up inside this cage?


He yelled, “Aren’t there people who help people reserve an equal chance to have a loving family who can afford and want a child? Someone please come save me from this nightmare.”


He did not ask for much,

But for someone to recognize how he needs to put in a different home,

That he needs a change.


He needs change,

Where he can concentrate on his school work,

And not have to care for his mother.


He has to be able to have fun and laugh,

And play on the street with other children.


This is all he wants,

But the truth is will he ever be heard?


He has to believe that he will be heard,

So that he can feel that hope inside his heart.


His mom had her stomach pumped,

And he was put in the system.


He knew that this,

Was something where the love was not there,

There was no mere passion or connection between Brad and his mother.


He wanted to be able to touch his mom’s hand,

Watch movies with her,

Laugh for hours.


This is what he wanted from a mom.


He does not grasp why his mother drinks all day,

Is out of a job,

And how he still lives there?


How does this continue to work?


He knew the answer,

The system can’t change everything,

But he wished he could escape this tragic haphazard place he calls home.


That he does not have to call 9-1-1.



A teacher who will notice him,

And stand up,

For what is right,

This teacher cares about the well-being of a child,

Instead of giving him a look of pity.


He does not want to be alone anymore,

He can no longer can stand on his own two feet,

He needs help.


He needs adults,

To grasp the concepts that he needs security,

He has to find a way to escape this nightmare.


He understood that people only care about themselves,

But for one second,

Can they just listen to me?


Can they see,

That he needs to find a different home? (the I was too aware, vary sentence structure in different ways, give images,


Can’t they tell,

That he dreams he comes through a door,

Seeing his mom unconscious on the floor,

Broken bottle next to her body,

He gasps,

Reaches for the phone,

About to call 9-11.


He hoped that his mom would not lose her heart beats,

Before the ambulance came here,

But as they drive up to my apartment,

They bring out their equipment,

am embraced by the same horrors every night?

Hoping that I do not come home to a dead mom.


Hoping that someone will come visit,

And see that he needs to be put in the system,

That there is no reason why he is still there.


There is no reason why he should have to wake up with swollen eyes, (he is not swollen face, less explaining, makes up guess a little, painted a little picture, engage the senses).

To no food in the fridge,

To no money in his mom’s savings account,

To living below the poverty line.