As I sit here trying to put your love into words, there are so many ways to describe you guys! You guys are amazing together through ups and downs you were always there for me, friends, family, and most importantly each other. I had to find a way somehow to create what this love looked like:

The ocean breeze behind her,

While she is running to catch up to him,

Creating this rush through the wind.

He looks up at the sky,

Seeing her heart,

Finding a place for this pure white heart inside of his heart.

Creating a beaming light,

As he sees her studying in the library with her foggy glass,

She looks up,

Seeing that smile on his face.

As time went on,

While she held his hand,

Holding her precious light inside of his heart,

Creating sunshine through the trees.

As their light grows brighter,

Their bond grows stronger,

Knowing no one could blow out this light.

As their love grows,

Secrets are told,

A wall is built knowing that she is safe,

In his heart.

Knowing that he will to,

Whatever it takes to take care of her,

She will do the same.

Their love is a necklace that never left her neck,

Finding a way to put a ring on his finger

Is his dream since he was 18.

As this love is cherished through their hearts,

Knowing that no walls would be broken between,

No matter what is happening.

Through thick and thin,

Their bond is the love that will never fade away.

Knowing their bond,

Will be a strong storm,

Coming into the rain,

While they kiss,

Showing true love to the city.

Showing that this love is pure,

Is a pearl inside their hearts,

Finding this pure white,

That will never fade away.

Keep cherishing the love,

That in your hearts,

Through every day,

Knowing that on this day,

She walks down the aisle,

she looks into his eyes,

all she knows

that this love will last forever.


Congratulations Elly and Mike!!!