His dark hair laying besides his ears,

While those dark eyes looked into mine,

Knowing that this look magic.

He stared at me,

While I smiled at something he said,

Creating a beat in my heart that skipped once or twice,

It was something that created this twinkle in my eye.

It was something,

That made me find out this guy could be it,

He could create a life,

That was not fairytales.

A life,

Where I am not watching romantic movies alone,

In a blanket,

Instead he is by my side.

A life,

Where I no longer have to stand on my two feet alone.

Where someone can hold me tight,

While I wait for him,

To come home and hold me in his arms after we make love.

Someone to talk to two am in the morning,

Knowing that this night,

We would learn every little detail about each other,

So we could build this life out of honesty.

Knowing his soul,

Was the first step to creating it with this guy,

Knowing his deepest and darkest secrets,

Something that can be read in between the pages.

He kept telling me stories,

About his ex-lovers,

His family,

That was a mom and dad,

Who still had a glimmer inside of their hearts.

His mom and dad,

Still held hands,

While he watched hoping he would find that someday.

He watched as he swung on the swings with me,

Holding my hand,

Looking up into the sky,

Sun shone on my hair,

While he reached over and kissed me.

He kept kissing,

Knowing that his mom and dad were watching,

Hoping that they were thinking the same thing he was.

He hoped that she felt the same way,

The same way that made him laugh and smile,

And all that he ever wanted was to make someone happy.

He wanted to create a life,

Where this girl only laughed,

Not cried,


Have to lie,

Live with a miserable man,


He wanted to create a life,

Where she no longer had to sit in at home watching romantic comedies by herself,

Instead she wanted to find a way inside of her heart.

He could see it in her eyes,

The way he looked at her,

That she was falling in love with him

That the way there was a glitch in her eye,

Every time she said his name,

And uttered those precious words, “I love you.”

He knew that there was something between them,

He wanted to do the unthinkable,

Be the one she would live with forever.

He decided to ask her to marry him,

He picked out a ring.

A simple ring,

A silver with a small diamond on it,

He knew she would love it.

It was a beautiful spring day,

He made us sandwiches,

Laid out a blanket,

While she sat next to him,

We talked for hours.

He began to make some long speech,

About their relationship,

He got down on one knee,

Said, “Will you marry me?”

She said, “Yes.”

She knew this guy,

Could be the one to catch her when she falls.