For the past year, I have been living with migraines. This dark stabbing shooting pain on top of my head is my everyday life. I know I am not alone in this world because migraines is something that people cannot really figure out. It is something that has made me go to the emergency room but in the end I still left the emergency room with a headache.

They all started in Israel while I was teaching English abroad. I was teaching English four days a week. It was great. I was living with roommates that were so unreasonable and bossy. In the end, we did manage to make it work. Instead, of the program understanding my condition as having chronic migraines and having to miss school, they believed that me having migraines was the problem. I felt angry, betray, and annoyed for them not understanding that migraines are a condition that a lot of people live with everyday. It is a condition that I suffer from and I am not afraid to tell people that I have migraines. If you ever think you are alone when you have a migraine, you are not. I am one of the 20 million people waiting and hoping this new migraine medication will work in May. I am hoping that this CGRIP will make my migraines better and destroy them. I want them gone and I want my life back.

– Madeleine Tasini